Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Diggin' for Worms!

I love our backyard and I love to see my boys playing in it! They don't even bother playing with toys. Just give them a shovel and a water hose and they're happy!

Today, Aiden came up to me and said, "I have a GREAT idea mommy!" which is his latest thing to say!

I said, "oh yeah, what's that?"

Aiden said, "we should dig up some worms and put em' in a worm bucket and then take them to paw paw's house and catch a big fish"

Chad said, "that is a great idea but don't dig up my grass"

I said, "yes it is but don't dig up my flowers"

Aiden said, "Okay...Bryson, do you want to help me dig for worms?"

Bryson said, "Can we catch a BIG fish bubba?"

Aiden said, "Yes, but we have to find a BIG worm"

Here they are digging in the only dirt spot in the yard! LOL! They crack me up!

The Ranger's game with Daddy and Paw Paw ~ by Chad

Bob and the kids and I spent a day at The Ballpark in Arlington while Melissa and Julia were in New York. Aside from the hour and a half rain delay we had a great time. We all got Josh Hamilton bobble-head dolls, ate ballpark hotdogs and cotton candy, and got to see the angels pitcher get ejected after the second pitch. On top of all that the Rangers put up a 5-3 victory over the LA Angels. Aiden has been to a few games but this was Bryson's first (you couldn't tell that the way he was yelling "GO RANGERS"). As you can see below, both kids had a fun and exciting day at the ballpark.

Mother's Day 2009!

I had an amazing Mother's day weekend! We went camping with friends and family and we...





It couldn't have been a better day!

I LOVE my family!