Friday, May 6, 2011

How Forgotten Lane almost Got Away...

Most of you know we have been looking and saving for land for over 5 years.......

Well....Wednesday, we were notified via email that some new land had been put on the market. We rushed right over to see it! The minute we drove up, we fell in love with it and spent an hour walking around. As soon as we left, I called the realtor and told him that we were VERY interested and would be making an offer the next day. Thursday, we sent over an offer. Friday we were told the land was ours and to send the contract over for them to sign. Saturday, they let us know they decided to take other offers until Monday at 3:30 and we needed to come with our best offer. We were devastated! It was a very long weekend for us! We had to do a lot of thinking about how much to offer. Afterall, we had no idea what the other offers would be. I did some research on sealed bids and it was suggested to write a letter telling them why we felt the land was for us. Basically to play on their emotions. On Sunday we submitted another offer along with a heartfelt letter. We were just told that 2 other CASH offers came in and we had all bid very close. OUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED!!! They said that the letter was the deciding factor. We have the signed contract in our hands!! I don't remember the last time I cried because I was happy! We closed on the land on May 6th. It's ours!!!

Now, let the work begin!!! Volunteers accepted! LOL!

I know all of our close family and friends know how long we have wanted this and how much it means to us! Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement!

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